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Mineral, Mining & Metals

“Mining is essentially governed by the knowledge obtained from three scientific disciplines: geology, mining engineering and economics. Only through an intensive program of research and field studies can a successful mining project be implemented. This program must be carefully coordinated through a succession of pre-designed stages. Since the ultimate goal to achieve is obtaining an economic benefit upon the invested capital, that benefit is justified due to the uncertainty and risk that are involved in all those stages.”
  • Licensing: Exploration Prospecting License (EPL), Mining License, Claims Application, Administration and Management; i.e. area identification, compilation and submission of Quarterly Reports, Annual and Renewal reports Accounting of exploration expenditure to Ministry of Mines and Energy as well as Technical Reports.
  • EPLs marketing.
  • Permits application: High Value Minerals (HVM), Precious and semi-precious stones Mineral and metals import & export, Trading permits in line with Namibia Diamond (Act No 13 of 1999) and Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Act 1992 (Act 33 No. 199 of 1992).
  • Oral and telephonic advisory services
  • Mineral projects promotional material/ flyers compilation
  • Stakeholders engagement (e.g. farmers, communal communities, Tradional authorities, etc).Data Review, Desktop Studies and Memos.
  • Mineral Resource Management (MRM), i.e. independent resource estimation and auditing services
  • Exploration Data (e.g. soil, rock, geochem, etc.) Map Compilation
  • Exploration Programme Design, i.e. Target generation
  • Project (EPL) Evaluation, sustainability and viability review
  • Geochemical Sampling (Rock, Soil and Stream Sediments) & Field Geological Mapping
  • Rock Mass Rating (RMR) and Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP) compilation management and supervision
  • Geological Mapping services in development drives, production stopes, etc.
  • Mineral Resource Management (MRM), i.e. independent resource estimation and reserve performance audit services
  • Production evaluation and improvement
  • Quality Improvement Systems and Processes
  • Provide estimation of raw materials within quarry and sand pit operations.
Engineering Geology, Environment & Water
  • Foundations excavations mapping
  • Rock Hardness Index advisory services to equipment rental companies
  • Geotechnical Services
  • Environmental engineering
  • Project leaders for Environmental Impact Assessment studies and EMPs.
  • Hydrological assessment and project management
Value Proposition
Hiveluah Consult undertakes to perform the Services expeditiously in accordance with the provisions of a Contract to a high professional standard in accordance with good international and local practices in the mineral exploration and production industry.
  • To use appropriately experienced and qualified personnel and partners at all times.
  • Unlock hidden potential.
  • Add long lasting tangible value to whatever we do.
  • Strive to ease the client’s ability to make the best decision timeously to reduce cost

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