(Project Consultant for Geohydrology& Water Infrastructure)Ashley Julius

Ashley holds a B.Sc. Degree in Geology and Geochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch (1998).
Ashley has extensive geological and hydro-geological field experience working in the Namibian and Botswana environment. His area of expertise includes GIS and Data Management as well as Software Development. He has a work experience that spans a very broad field, working as Geologist/Geotechnician at Inter Consult Namibia (1997–1999), GIS technician at EMCON Consulting Engineers (1999–2001), GIS officer at Stellenbosch Municipality (2005–2007), Database Manager at Etruscan Resources (2007–2008) and Geocarta Namibia (2010–2011). He has been a Consulting Geologist at PEMC since 2012. Ashley is the Hiveluah Consult Project expert in Water Resource Management/ Hydrology due to his extensive knowledge.

(Project Jnr. Geologist)Mr Abel Nghifitikeko

Abel graduated with a degree in Applied Geology from the University of St Petersburg Mining University (Crimea, Russia) in 2018. He joined the Hiveluah Consult team in 1st Quarter of 2020.

(Project Geological Assistant/ Sampler)Mr Werner Mavenjono

Werner is a trained Geology Assistant with strong technical skills and diverse mining and geological background. He has a WHIMIS 2015 Geology Training Certificate. He is competent in Termite mount sampling, Traverse rock chip sampling, Soil grid sampling Geotechnical core logging, Stream sediment sampling, Computer skills and the ability to translate technical data. He previously worked for as a Geo-technician and Geology Operator at Eiseb Exploration and Mining (Namibia) and Scorpion Zinc Mine (Namibia) respectively before joining the Hiveluah Consult team in 1st Quarter of 2020.

(Project Aquatic Scientist/ environmentalist)Mrs Chido Mushaninga

Chido graduated (2018) with a BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Science (Hons) at UNAM and is looking forward to advancing professionally and academically in the field of production and quality management. She has professional background in environmental studies and marine biology at Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. She is the latest addition to the company as of the 4th Quarter 2020.

(General Project Field Assistant/ IT)Mr Silas Shikongo

since 1st Quarter 2020.

(Project Technician for Geohydrology & Water Infrastructure)Mr Phello Hengari

since 1st Quarter 2021.

(Snr Project Exploration Geologist) Mr Krebchov M.I. Haimbondi

Since 1st Quarter 2021. Krebchov holds an MSc. In Economic geology and geochemistry, from Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada obtained in 2019 as well as a BSc Honors Degree in geology single major from the University of Namibia (UNAM) obtained in 2010. He has worked on Porphyry Deposits across the world.
Iron-Oxide Copper Gold, Pegmatites and 3D Resource Modelling are some of his passions,

(Project Mining Engineer)Mr Privilege Shava

Since 2018. Privilege is a competent engineer and worked on numerous mining projects in Zimbabwe and Namibia over the last 10 years.

(Jnr Mining Surveyor) Mr Immanuel Joel

Since 1st March 2021. Imms is a competent Jnr mine surveyor.

(Project Technician for Geohydrology & Water Infrastructure)Mr Phello Hengari

since 1st Quarter 2021.

(Project Snr Mining Surveyor) Mr John Emuno

Since 1st March 2021. John is a competent mine surveyor.

(Project Land Surveyor) Mr Immanuel Apulile

Since 2018. Manu is a competent land surveyor with over 15 years’ experience from across Angola and Namibia.

(Project civil engineer ) Mr Willem Mulokoshi

Project civil engineer in water infrastructure and agri-business since 2019. Willem holds a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2009. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture specializes in Crop Science from UNAM in 1999.

His is experience covers; road construction, water purification, Project management as well as grape production at Namibia Grape Company Ltd in 2000.